How to Update a LTD166s with Firmware Dis2


I have bought a Liteon (now JLMS) 166s DVD drive, it has firmware DIS2 according to Nero Info Tool, but I have never heard of that firmware before.

The problem is: I cannot flash it to a newer firmware, DS18 installer doesn’t work, the flashing utility tells me:

No matched drive detected! This Utility is only for JLMS XJ-HD166s

Please, how can I flash this [censored] drive to a newer firmware?

Thank you in advance,


i’m not aware of any lite-on/jlms drive with a firmware version like “DIS2,” let alone the 166S. i’d suggest backing up the current firmware with mtkflash before trying to update it. try going to Mango’s website and getting the binary DS18, and use mtkflash to flash ur drive.