How To Unscrew A Cork Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew





punch it through with a pen or something…have done this and the only drawbacks are 1) ocassional bits of cork in your wine 2) can’t re-cork it for storage 3) cork can interfere with pouring…


take a small drill bit and drill a hole through it…
stick a fork in the cork and twist like hell :wink:
get made break the neck off…and hope you don’t get glass in it



Pushing the cork into the bottle is the best way - and the good news is that you then have to consume the whole bottle-eh!



you can always bring it to my place and use my corkscrew (and then proceed to drink it with me of course) :wink:


The only proper way to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew is to use a sabre.


There is a very simple technique:
Use a pocket knife or similar with a short sharp blade…slightly smaller than the opening of the bottle.
Push it vertically into the cork, almost all the way through.
Then twist it slowly…until the cork starts to turn.
When it moves, continue twisting and start to pull upwards…slowly!
It always works…impresses the boys and girls too of course.
Swiss army knives are ideal (but then they usually have a cork screw so why bother?)

LESSON - never go anywhere without such a device.
Hard-core freaks would have one of the new Swiss army knives with a built in USB stick anyway!


…or a heavy cook´s knife. No joke!

Get a real Frenchman to show you…and stand well back!!!




Champagne is wine :stuck_out_tongue:


fashon a corkscrew from 2 old toothbrushes


you might look into buying wine in a box…and not a bottle next time :wink:



Drinking wine out of a box just might be some real fun-eh!


Another tried and true method is to go to your favourite bar and ask the waiter nicely to bring you a glass of the stuff. Amazing how effective that can be!
You don´t need to even think about the absent corkscrew dilemma…and you needn´t stop there…try the many varieties on the list…experiment with different glasses, different tables and vantage points.

Don´t forget your laptop complete with the equally amazing wireless connection to update us on your various successes…and send pictures if you can remember why you are there!


or you could smash the bottle in a cloth and quickly put it above a tumbler


Why not skip the wine and have a beer, or even a grappa if you´re really desperate!


now that is a great idea…

or else go pick up a cheap one just to have on stand-by…


Whatcha mean…a cheap waiter to have on standby?


no a cheap corkscrew…:wink:


Take your needle with syringe (which is the one you use for injecting your turkey), and stick the needle all the way through the cork. Remove the plunger, and hook up your compressor. Make sure you set the PSI on the compressor to only around 30psi. Hook up your air blowing connector to it and place it firmly in the end of the syringe. Press the button and be ready for the cork to come flying out. Remove needle from hand and stop the bleeding. Drink wine to help with the pain. :eek: