How to unlock

I like DVD readers which complete the task in 6 minutes instead of 16 minutes …
I have an old Nec 8x DV-6800B DVD reader, which still is the best I have, leaving in speed all new drives back in dust.
I have also newer drives but what sense makes the declared max speed 12x or 16x if they are factory limited to 2x - 3x???
I have also following new “slow” drives:
LG GDR-8162B
Liteon 16P9SV
Sony DDU1612
Why, why they are so slow?
Is there any easy way to unlock any of these?
Attacked the Plextools results as DVD ROM drives come out of the box…

To unlock your drives you need to modify firmware.

For liteon drives you can use omnipatcher (I did it with my liteon 16P9S and it work), but you need also to use an unscrambled firmware. Check here if C0deKing already posted latest 16P9SV unscrambled firmware

Thanks. I mean ordinary reading function of data DVD no riping or whatever there is locked.
It’s difficult to understand why do manufacturers state 16x instead of 2x if the unit comes locked??? What sense that makes? How much I speed rise I may expect compared to my old 8x Nec test results? May be it’s better to search from Ebay older DVD readers for best results? Still can’t understand, turns out kind of a nonsense, why can’t I read my own personal data DVD in 6 minutes instead of 16 as new drives provide.

You’ welcome :slight_smile:

What you call “ordinary reading function” is also called ripping. FIrmwares are locked in reading any burned disc; pressed discs can be read at higher speed (at least in my liteon). So I unlocked it with omnipatcher, and now I can read (or rip, it’s the same) all my burned data dvds @16x

geno is absolutlly right. I have heard rumors that reading of pressed disks is sometimes riplocked at pretty lowe speeds to keep the powers that be happy (makes copying harder). It also keeps noise down which might matter when watching a movie (and sounds like a more resonable reason). you have to have a modified firmare to increase speed so there has to be a modified firmware avalable for that specific drive. Also, not all drives are capable of reading at full speed. I also have a liteon 16p9s and using it to read over other drives I have defanatlly makes a substantial diffrence in time/speed. I would check the liteon forum to see what current dvd-rom is avalable that can read at full speed with modified firmware. Alternatively, many of the benq burners are about as fast (with modified firmware) so if you want a burner, check out the benq forum. In all honesty, if you want speed and convienience, you will be reading from one drive and writing to another so a dvd rom serves just fine.

Connected on an USB interface: just forget it.
Ripped in 6min: forget that too.

Firmwares usually have a riplock for DVD VIDEO discs, they are easily identified by the VIDEO_TS folder on the disc. Also dvd recordable media in general is slower, because their quality and burn quality is normally not that good enough like pressed ones.
And reading and ripping is NOT the same.

Just curious why you say reading and ripping is not the same. Reading such as to play a disk, usally happens at lower speeds, but during ripping, the drive can slow reading if nessasary to read a harder to read spot. During reading (such as playback of a movie), a bit of bad data might be skipped past where with ripping it will cause problems with a bad bit of data. In general, speed related, how is ripping diffrent than any other kind of reading?

Hi Chef!
A test done specially for you -
USB NEC DV-6800B and 5 minutes to copy to HDD, from +R disk with 6pcs of 700Mb files.
(Actually the same as when connected internally to IDE.)
Well, it may me noisy at some situation, also there is a slight vibration … but if compared to all my “new” drives which take some 20 minutes to copy the same disk, it just can’t be not noticed.
The same reason I don’t use burner for reading, as I think it’s built to be slow by design.

The Nec under discussion appears to be DV5800B instead of DV6800B. I’m sorry for a mistake.

Yup, that’s the reason. Thanks for the test, BTW.

Is the 6800 a new one, a new model?

@geno888 - I just got around to installing my 16P9S. I downloaded the FS07,FS09, FSOD.rar stock fw from codeguys. The site stated to use omnipatcher to tweak it. I ran the FSOD to update the 16P9S no problem, then used LtnFW to back it up. I then ran the latest Omnipatcher on the .bin and then tried to update the stock FSOD to the omnipatcher tweaked .bin and when I did no drive light activity, LtnFw said done very quickly but was locked up tight. I waited a couple of minutes but had to shutoff the puter to get out of it.

I wanted to update the fw from FSO9 because after installing it, rips were taking about 4-5 minutes longer on the same pressed DVD than it took the 167T to rip. I’ve tweaked fw on my 167T, 832S, 1633S and 1693S so far with out a problem. The 16P9S is my first one having trouble with. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

I think that you should send a PM to C0deKing pointing his attention to this post. I don’t know if latest firmwares are not supported or if there are some problems with this specific drive.

Sorry :flower:

Thanks - No problem, I guess you did yours with an earlier firmware, I’ll let C0deKing know.

@geno888 - :bow: for the PM and for straightneing me out about omnipatcher. I guess I can hang up LtnFw with the work great work C0deKing has done on Omnipatcher and the .exe

Thanks Again


You’re welcome :slight_smile: