How to unlock 3G phone?




I have a 3G NEC phone, is there anyway to unlock it so it will work on any network?

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Have you looked through yet, they might have an answer if any resource I can think of on line, then that would be where I would look or ask.


They don’t have any info for the NEC e616, which I want to unlock.


Found it on the net:

"…Code Calculator By CyberGSM v5.4


At the bottom of the screen once installed will be a Samsung/NEC Button.
Click on that and from a drop down select the E616

Codes worked perfect for 2 of my phones, this solution is per sim card only, ie if you regularly use more then one simcard then the code will have to be rentered.

A permanant solution can only be acheived by a cable unlock. I’m sure software will follow soon…"