How to uninstall photosnap?


I’m having some problem with Photosnap Viewer, basically the image rotation doesn’t work.
I’d like to unistall the viewer and re-install it again without having to do this for the whole Nero Reload package.

Is it possible or everytime there is an issue I have to uninstall the whole package?

Thank you


Can anybody help?


Cleanest way is probably to do the uninstall and then reinstall.

You could also just try installing the software over itself to see if that fixes it.

You can start the install process and it will bring up a screen for modify, repair, or uninstall. Try the repair option and see if that helps.

You might look for a file that starts “UNNero” with photosnap on it. I have never tried it, but they seem to be uninstallers for separate utilities.