How to uninstall Nero completly

How do i uninstall Nero completly so that i can do a real clean install without having to format and re-installing windows?
I ask this cause i want to use the “built-in” Nero Express but i can only switch to express if i haven’t installed nero before.

I tried using the “remove nero” thhing from the software icon in my control panel but it didn’t work.

Which registry entries and files do i have to remove?

open regedit & hit F3, type in “ahead”, press Esc and blow the results away, hit F3 again. Keep hitting F3 until regedit says it’s reached the end.

do the same for “nero” without the quotes

already did this but it didn’t work.

thanks anyway


Well I thought the reply saying search and remove all ahead traces would work, as the serial number is what makes a difference and that is stored in that part of the registry.

When you re-install and want the dreaded express version, what serial are you entering? If you enter a full nero serial then that is what you will get - if it is a bundled version then the serial is self-contained and you get what was bundled.

You can find and change the serial - but that is off topic here I believe.


wow it’s amazing it’s working.
i’m curious how do you know this solution?