How to turn "Smart-X" off?

Q: I do only get 12X shown as the maximum reading speed, but my drive supports faster speeds!!
A: Lite-On drives features Smart-X technology which limits the reading speeds due to type of disc and the condition of the disc. Only speeds that the drive supports reading the inserted disc(or if drive is empty: the last inserted disc) at will be shown. Insert media that the drive supports reading at highest speed before you start the program to get the highest speed shown.

i have read liteon FAQ
and i want to turn Smart-X off
does anybody have an idea?
Thanks yur ans!

SMART-X can’t be turned off.

Only SMART-BURN could be turned off.

it’s a pity…:rolleyes:

anyway thanks!

Question: How can I turn off the smart-burn in programs like CloneCd. I can turn it off in Nero, but Í can’t turn it of in other progs.

Try this (works with some programs only).

Start nero, disable smartburn, start other burning program with nero running in the background…

Sometimes this will cause smartburn to be disabled when using the other program as well.

I have my doubts about CloneCD though as cloneCD locks the drive completely so other programs can’t access it.