How to turn off "magnifier" in windows 7



Got a weird one that I need help with.

I’ve got a customer’s computer on the bench, dual core machine with windows 7.

It seems that someone went into “Ease of access” and turned on the on screen magnifier.

the problem is that ALL attempts to turn it off (except reinstalling the OS)
have failed.

It SEEMS to turn off but next time the computer is turned off and on or rebooted it comes back.

I NEED this thing to go away.




This is what I found Googling & is probably what you have tried.

I also found that is the magnifier is in a “Startup” in your “Programs” list it can cause this.
The recommendation is to remove the shortcut if it is there.
Also found this :

Click Start and “Run…” Type in “regedit”. The following procedure will edit the Windows registry, a database of Windows settings, to remove magnifier from its copy of the startup queue. See the warning below before proceeding.


Open the “HKEY_LOCAL _MACHINE” folder.


Open the “SOFTWARE” folders, and then within that, “Microsoft” and “Windows”.


Click on the “Run” folder, and look at the list of values, called keys, on the right side of the screen. You are looking for a key that mentions the file “magnify.exe”.


Delete “magnify.exe” by right clicking on it and clicking delete. Do not delete or change anything else, especially if you are unsure about the purpose it serves. Close the registry editor and reboot your computer.


I got it.

Thanks to all.



[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2615422]I got it.

Thanks to all.

Would you post what you did to correct the problem ?


There was another check box that needed to be unchecked tburried three menu’s back.

It’s annoying that two mouse clicks turned it on but so many required to turn it back off.



I never use Windows magnifer program so it hasn’t caused me any problems but good to know if it does get turned on it can be turned back off.
Not sure where the burried menus are but if I know they’er there I can usually find them.
I use another magnifier software the few times I need one.