How to turn off emulation software:games won't work

I installed clone Cd and now some games won’t run. It says to turn off emulation software.
If I can’t turn them off do I have to uninstall them and reinstall them every time I want to play a game??

that’s it - un-install CCD, play the game, then re-install CCD if you need it…

say: “Thank you, great copy-protection-developers”… :a

ps: i think ( - i don’t use CCD - ) that sometimes it might already help if you quit the CCD tray icon… but i don’t know if that’s true… :wink:

That’s what I was afaid of. Just what I wnat ,software that makes other things not work!!!

yes, this was / is discussed here many times, but it would not change - even if it’s not really cleared out if this method (software stops other software from working just because of it’s existence on the same pc) is absolutely legal…
but the million $$$ companies don’t mind…

It is enough to disable the tray and delete the registry entries. You can import/export the registry entries with a batch file.