How to troubleshoot stop-go-stop-go issue -



Sony DWD-22A w/BSY2, Pentium IV HP, 1024 RAM, DVD Shrink, Decrypter, Fuji 8X DVD+R (TY media), burn rate 8X

Overall, burning goes well. I have noticed on some DVD’s (Sky Captain, Village) that playback will stop-go-stop-go. Seems to be toward the outer part of the disk. Usually do Main movie only to eliminate or minimize compression. Also, use liteon utility to to burn as DVD-ROM.

I have two cheaper players (Koss, ESA) and a better Gateway unit. Problems seem to occur on cheaper units, can play the same disk on the better player usually without problem.

Do I have a (cheap) or dirty player lens problem or is there something I can do to stop the stop-go’s? Can I analyze the disk to “see” the problem area?



Try 4X burn speed. The source DVD may not be in good shape, since you have problem with some movies. Genuine Yuden000 T02 should work well with most DVD players. You can try to clean the laser pickup on those cheap stand alone players…a common problem with cigarette smoke.


your sony is a rebadged liteon get kprobe to scan your problem discs.



I’m with furballi - sure sounds like cheap crap media-

Use Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell medias and your problems should be fixed IMO-