How to Troubleshoot a new home built PC with a blank monitor

I finished assembly of a PC kit but the monitor is blank, I have tried the monitor and graphics card on another computer and both are OK, The power supply is ok. The cooling fans work as do the power ON switch. The following are the components: Intel D945PLNM MoBo with Intel D915, 2.8ghz CPU with CPU fan, MSI Geforce9500 GT 512mb Graphics card, lG 22x DVDRW SATA , Transcend 1024 mb PC5400 DDR2 667 mhz. Segate 750 GB Serial ATA HD 7200/16mb SATA-3G. Any help or suggestions welcomed/

What operating system? Do you have a bootable CD to try? Does anything appear on the screen during boot-up? If not, try pressing F8 or F9 during power up and see if you can get into safe mode. Do you get any error beeps? Double check all video connections.

You might have to clear the cmos on the MB to get it to boot.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2469545]You might have to clear the cmos on the MB to get it to boot.[/QUOTE]

Excellent advice and if that does not work unplug all leads and take out any other cards other than the graphics. carefully re-seat all leads and do the same to the memory. Is the cpu mounted correctly? check and make sure that all is well and switch on.
Still not working? then disconnect all other units, hard drive cd/dvd drive etc until you have a bare bones system turn on and see if it will at least show the bios warning of no drive etc. if it works turn off and add the hard drive and turn on keep adding units until it stops. Investigate why.
If none of this works can you try a different power unit, if still no joy then the mb, cpu or memory could be faulty.
Its a matter of elimination, good luck.