How To Transfer Only One Movie That Is On A Multiple Movie DVD To New DVD

A while back I copyied my VHS tapes to DVD and was able to get 3 or more VHS movies on to each DVD.

They appear on the DVD when inserted in the player as separate boxes and then you click on the box of the movie you want to watch.

I now would like to re-copy just the movies that I watch to new DVD’s so I can discard all the ones I do not want anymore but I am not able to copy just one of the movies from the DVD that have the multiple movies on it.

I tried putting the DVD in DVDshrink3.2 so I could try to re-author it and just transfer the movie that I wanted but the DVD will not open because of a navigation error. The DVDs are not protected.

I would appreciate any advise on how I can re-copy just one of the three movies on the DVD to a new DVD.