How to transfer music from one computer to another



Please advise how to transfer music from one computer to anothet.

Recently lost access to my computer. Very worried I might lose 90 hours of music, much of which I could never obtain again.

Have now gained entry to computer but it has had a history of being unstable.
A repair guy said it may be a problem with embeded bug or the oem MS O/S - XP. Suggested I buy another xp/os or a new computer. Can’t afford.

My music is on Media Player Classic. How do I transfer it from one old computer to another ? Both computers have usbs.

Keep it simple- I’m old and unstable too.



Glad you got your old machine back in the game.
I would suggest that you you purchase an external usb hard drive and copy all your music as well as any other valuable files you have to this and then to the other machine. It is quick and painless, apart from having to part with the cash.:bigsmile:
Don’t delete the files it is always advisable to have a back up copy available should one of the hard drives fail, this is not such a rare occurrence as other people believe. Beware though to treat the external drive with care and put it some where safe whilst not in use, a drop or knock could damage it.
I would recommend that you also purchase some image back up software such as made by Acronis, or if you have a maxtor drive maxblast5 which is free and has the image software built in.
I use Acronis and can replace my 19Gb of programs on the C drive in 10 minutes as against a day to reinstall windows and the other programs I use.
Then you can use the usb drive to store all the images you collect from your machines.


USB PC Link (about $25), Home network (router needed) or just copy to a jump drive (~$20); many ways to do it. I use a home network using My Sharing Folder.


Thanks for your advice guys.

External HDs I’ve heard about but the other options I’ll have to read more about to understand. I have loaded most important XL n Word docs to cd-rw for transfer.

My plan is to load the more reliable computer with important stuff including my music, then use the unstable computer A) to try find its problems and
B) surf net.



Buy an external HDD, which is 100% stable, and leave all important stuff on that :wink:

Do a weekly backup from both the broken machine and the unstable machine to your External HDD :wink:


An unusual way to transfer your music, which works surprisingly well, is to use the import feature of Windows Media Player - or iTunes - or any other favorite application. Install the application, if not already there, and configure either a network shared drive or another external drive folder as the library location. Even a thumb drive would work well, and some MP3 players work as USB drives.

Then use the Add to Library function, or Import Media, etc. from the software player to search the source hard drive for all your songs. As it pulls the songs in from the source disk, the media player will build it’s library on the backup destination hard drive… you even get the benefit of a well organized folder tree built from the song tags, if you’re using any of the typical audio formats.

This works pretty well for when you don’t really know all of the file locations on your computer, because the media player does the searching for you.


debro - thanks your reply.
Not only do I want to store music library, important Word / XL items on a safer stable computer I also want to use that computer to rip, burn, download music and add new data to preserved old data.

Once important stuff is transferred, hope to work on unstable computer to find its problems or just use for internet. If there is nothing important on it, won’t matter if it crashes or gets malware.

burndoubt - not sure I understand.
Do I connect usb out on computer A with usb in on stable computer B, then use Media Player features to somehow transfer the library ?

I’m grade A tech dummy - offer simple words to a simple mind please.


With USB transfer cables (aka USB-networking) you are required to know where the files are located on the old computer :wink:

Media player doesn’t come into the transfer equation.


Parpi, you would need to connect computer “A” to any external hard drive (or install another internal hard dirve temporarily) using either a USB compatible drive or perhaps a drive assigned through a network to another computer “B”. If you don’t have a network router, this method could involve quite a bit of setup time. I believe debro is referring to a special USB cabling system that can allow network setup without an ethernet router system.

Once you have made the connection from computer “A” to computer “B” (or connected an external USB hard drive “B”) then most Media Players have the ability to scan your hard drive “A” for media files and import them into any hard drive folder that you can choose. You can set that destination folder “B” using the Media Player preferences. It is just a suggestion to do it in this manner, as one of the many ways to do this. You could also just copy the files using cut and paste (or “move files to”) from one explorer window to another.

You can certainly do all manner of file backups without using any media player, but my suggestion is that the media player can perform the file transfer from the source computer “A” to any attached storage drive, and organize the music into folders as this is done, if that capability is configured within the media player app.


Hi Burndoubt !

Many thanks for your detailed reply, appreciate the time and effort it must have taken you.

If its possible to transfer files from computer hard drive to external hard drive, guess its possible to transfer from computer hd to another computer hd.