How to transfer music from laptop and old computer to another computer?

Hi Experts !

Is there a way to transfer music from laptop / old computer
using a cable connection[/U] , instead of using external H.D./ memory stick or cd / dvd burn ?

Appreciate advice.

or if they are in a home network just used the shared folder.

If you have both PCs connected to the Internet simultaneously with cables or Wi-Fi, you can easily do this with a network share. Otherwise, I would suggest picking up a cross-over network cable, which will let you network the two PCs temporarily to do this.

I don’t have Windows Vista handy, so these steps may not match up or work on a Vista PC.

If using a cross-over cable, follows these steps first

[li]On the old PC, click ‘Start’, right-click on “My Network Places” and click “Properties”[/li][li]Right-click on “Local Area Connection”, click ‘Properties’ and double-click the item “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”[/li][li]Write down all the values (if any) as well as which options are ticked. You’ll need these later.[/li][li]Tick “Use the following IP address” and enter “” for the IP address and “” for the subnet mask. Leave the other entries blank.[/li][li]Click ‘OK’ to each window in succession.[/li][li]Repeat the above steps for the new PC, but enter “” for the IP address.[/li][/ol]

Transferring files from the old PC to new

[li]On the old PC, right-click on the folder containing your music and select “Sharing and Security…”[/li][li]Tick “Share this folder”, enter “Music” for the share name and click ‘OK’.[/li][li]On the new PC, click ‘Start’ and click “My Network Places”[/li][li]If the shared folder appears here, go into it. If the shared folder does not appear after a minute, go into “Entire Network” on the left, then go into “Microsoft Windows Network”, then “MSHome” (or “Workgroup”), then the PC and finally go into the share “Music”. Try both PC names if you’re not sure what name was given to the other PC.[/li][li]If you are using the cross-over cable method, another alternative is to click Start and click ‘Run’ (on the new PC) and type in “\\music”.[/li][/ol]

If you get prompted for a password when acessing the share and the old PC does not require a Windows logon password, try enabling the Guest user account on the old PC.

Finally, if you followed the steps for the cross-over cable above, be sure to repeat them to put the old values / settings back in.

Thanks guys for your prompt response.
Will read and re read the info and try to get my computer dummy brain to comprehend. I should have mentioned my music is on Media Player and I use XP SP2.

As usual with CDF there is always someone willing to share their knowledge. Thanks.