How to transfer from I Tunes to Media Player

Hi Folks,

Is there a way to transfer tracks from my I Tunes purchased list direct to my Media Player Library / Play lists :rolleyes:( same computer ) ?

iTunes tracks with protection (m4p) only play in iTunes as I recall. There may be ways to strip the DRM off the files, I couldn’t tell you as I haven’t tried.

iTunes Plus tracks (m4a), sure.

Windows Media Player by default won’t play the tracks, you will need to add a plugin.

Is it really worth that much effort? Certainly not in my estimation, but it can be done.

burn as Music CD and rip the resulting CD

Thanks your replies.

I add my purchased I tunes to other music for my own compilations.

Have always transferred from my I Tunes Purchased List to CD-RW, ripped to Media Player. Hoped there may be a shortcut method.

[QUOTE=camellote;2296029]burn as Music CD and rip the resulting CD[/QUOTE]

You sure about this??? I have yet to hear of anyone getting past Itunes DMA to get that to work?

This has worked for years