How to transfer from hdd to dvd

Hi all. I have recently downloaded a pearl jam concert via torrent. I am now trying to transfer this onto dvd for archiving. Problem is i don’t know how to do it. What is the best program to use? I am sure it is a simple answer, but after days of searching I am ywt to come up with an answer.

Thanks, Scott.

It all depends on the file format. Was it a legal download, otherwise we can’t help ya.

Yeah, it is a legal download, people just spreading the jam, which the band are cool about. It is an avi. file.

What burning programs do you have currently on your system? Have you tried to just do a copy and paste in windows to see if it will allow you to do that? Otherwise you have if you want to convert the format over to be able to play on a standalone dvd player. If not I use nero to burn to a dvd to keep for later play or to keep from having too much on the HDD.

do you just want to archive it or do you want to burn it to a dvd if you just want to archive it just copy and paste the files on to a DVD