How to transfer edited movies from pc/laptop to dmr-es15?

:bow: Hi everybody,
I’m new to this forum. I recently bought one panasonic dmr-es15 to copy movies taken by panasonic vdrm-70 and to save some tv programmes. i don’t have a dvd writer. i transfered the movie to my pc and laptop, both have cd writer only. the pc has usb and scsi 9pins ports and the laptop has usb, i-link 4 pins, s-video, and scsi 15 pins ports. the dvd recorder has i-link 6 pin, s-video and composite video ports. after editing, how can i transfer the movie from pc/laptop to recorder? can anybody please help?

Without a DVD burner, there isn’t any good, clean way to do it. If you have a SVHS output, you can record via that on the ES15, but you will lose some video quality in the process.

The other option would be burning CD’s using one of the video-CD formats and just using those to store your video, but again the quality may suffer and you need to have a player that supports the format.

Any reason not to buy a DVD burner? Many fine ones can be had for under $50.

Thanks a lot ‘CDan’. i will go for a DVD writer.


Good idea. This route gives you a great deal of flexability, like creating your own menus and editing, creating multiple titles per disc, etc.