How to transfer 75GB Ipod songs back into new Itunes library?



Windows 7 (64)
ITUNES Version
8GB DDR2 Ram
Nvidia GeForce 8600GT
Intel Quad Q6600 Core 2

I previously had my Ipod Classic 80GB installed on my last Windows O.S. I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64 Bit O.S. I installed Itunes on this computer and wanted to know if there could be an easier transferring of all my songs, playlists back onto my computer from my ipod, than some of the Youtube how-to’s out there, which to me is very time consuming. I am asking this now, before I try to plug in my ipod, then have ALL my music be deleted, then spend hours reinstalling all the 75GB of music/playlists on both the ipod and itunes.
Right now, when I open itunes, all I see is the default playlist folder and the few songs I recently purchased through amazon. On my older itunes library, I had playlists like CLASSIC ROCK, REGGAE, HAWAIIAN,COUNTRY, BLUES, AND JAZZ.
The way I used to manage itunes and my REGULAR music folder on an extra INTERNAL HARD DRIVE, (This is NOT the itunes anything folder, just my own personal music folder on another drive) Every time I would buy more music, I would add these files to my personal music folder, then open itunes up, and copy/paste, or drag these new songs into itunes, in the prospective playlist genre, but somehow something changed, and when I looked back into my personal music folder, the songs I had just moved into the itunes library have disappeared from the other personal music folder.
I then have to plug in my external backup hard drive and move back these song files into my music library…So now I’m missing a ton of songs that itunes removed from my personal music folder to add to the itunes library. Why did this change?
I do not want all my itunes library songs in BOTH my Music Folder on the internal drive, and ALSO in my > MY MUSIC> ITUNES in the main C:\ Drive where the application is.
I opened up itunes, went to Preferences> Advanced >
If I changed this path to my E:\ Internal drive where all my personal music files are, will this prevent itunes from making my music files disappear, or is this the reason for the disappearing act in the first place? Apple does not make any of this easy!
Both checkboxes for the following are UNCHECKED.

So my questions remain…
Is there an easy way to transfer all my songs, which are already on my Classic 80GB ipod, back into a new itunes library on my new computer? And…….
Where would be the perfect recommended location for my itunes directory be…In the APPLICATIONS / PROGRAMS on the C\ folder, OR on the E:\ Drive where all my songs from my personal music folders are located? Thank you!



Done this before. Works a charm.


1.hook up ipod
2. go to my compute
3.go into the ipod folder
4. go up to the top of the screen and select tools and go down to folder options
5. click on the view tab and go down to show hidden files. select it and then click ok.(you will see a new folder and it will look a bit lighter then the others it should be called ipod control.)
6. go inside and go to the music folder. there will be lots of folders named like 045 or sumthing with numbers.
7. copy them into your music folder on your documents.(remeber all your music is inside them but if you go inside the folders and see the songs they will be names very weirdly like WMVP but when you add them to itunes they will get changed back to normal.)
8. add them into itunes as normal.