How to Tranfer DvD files dubed from VCR to dvd to computer



Hi folks. I have dubbed some of my VCR tapes to DVD on my dvd vcr combo and they play on the player but not on other dvd players. I want to transfer these to my computer And burn them to play on other players. Can anyone out there tell me how to do this thanks to anyone who can help:confused:


Run them through DVDShrink and burn with ImgBurn (both free software). You’ll need a DVD writer and some blank DVDRs (preferably Verbatim).




You may just need to finalize the discs with your dvd vcr combo .


Thanks cholla. Finalizing worked just fine, I can now go ahead and put all my VCR tape onto DVD, that will take a while. Thanks again. Thanks to midders also for taking the time to reply, this is a great site to get the answers to technical problems.Especially if you are a marine diesel fitter by trade, not much need for electronics there.


If you check this topic again.If some of your VHS tapes are commercial movies some will have Macrovision copy protection.So veiw the conversions & make sure you are getting fairly good copies.


Thanks cholla, Some of my tapes are commercial movies I will check that out before I try to Dub anymore. Thanks for your help much appreciated.