How to test the quality of new benq 1620 burner?



how do i test the quality of my new benq 1620 burner? i want to know if it is
good or a bad burner. i have nero 6.3 - but it does not have any pie or pi testing modes. can i update nero 6.3 to newer version 6.6?? online and will nero help me check the quality of new benq 1620?


@newtoburners, you can test the quality of your BenQ’s burns by using Nero’s CD-DVD Speed. It should be located under NERO>NERO TOOLKIT on your start menu. You want to run CD-DVD Speed and then under EXTRA click Disc Quality Test. Run the quality test at 8X, and when you get done… post your results and someone will help you interpret it. You save your test by clicking the floppy icon on the top right of your screen. Save it as a .png file and attach it to your post.

To get the latest version of CD-DVD Speed, visit