How to test quality of a CD/DVD



I have Nero and have tried to test the quality of a DVD+R in Nero but the “start” button is always greyed out. I previously had a Nec drive which I heard cannot do tests on media. But that drive went bad and I thought maybe my new LG GSA-H10L could now do it, but the start button is still greyed out on the Disc Quality tab of the Nero “Test Drive”. Are LG drives not supported either or is there just something I have to do to enable it? Thanks.


Sadly, LG drives aren’t supported by any quality scanning software.

You can do a Transfer Rate Test, to see if there are no large slowdowns whilst the drive is reading that disc, though.

But unfortunately, if you’re serious about quality scanning, you’re best off buying a LiteOn DVD-burner for scanning DVDs. Or, a BenQ if you can still find one, they scan CD well as well as DVDs. :slight_smile:

Either of these drives would complement you LG nicely, with LiteOn being my preference.


No LG drive can perform Disc QUality scans with Nero CD-DVD Speed or with any other software. If you only have an LG drive, you can perform a Read Transfer Test on the Benchmark tab instead and you want a nice smooth graph.

LiteOn drives are good for DVD Quality Scanning with CDSpeed, but other drives can also be used such as e.g. BenQ, NEC, Optiarc, many Sony drives, some Samsung drives, some Pioneer drives. Not all drives are equally suited for the task, however.

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btw next time your buying a dvd burner and you want it to have a certain feature , dont think too much about it just check reviews & what ppl say in various threads , just a thought :bigsmile:


The good news is that LG drives rarely actually need scanning even with highly variable media such as the current batch of MCC stuff from Verbatim.


Thanks guys. It wasn’t really an option I was specifically looking for in a new drive, just would have been nice if it did have it.

Oh, and Chas, what do you mean that they rarely need scanning? I’m not too knowledgeable on this whole topic so please enlighten me :slight_smile:


If start botton for quality test in Nero is gray out that is indication that your drive is not being supported for that kind of test.


Quality scanning is used to determine the quality of burns on different media and at different speeds. Most of us use it to determine the variations between media batches, the possibility of burning different media brands, and to find the best burn speed. Some drives are very good with +R while others are good at -R. Other uses are to compare the differences between different firmwares, to look for the occasional defective disc, and to determine the benefits of different burn settings on BenQ and Liteon drives.

In the early days of media and burners it was much more necessary to scan because there was so much crap media out there. Nowadays, one can stick to Verbatim and TY and most always get high quality. Some here also use CMC.

LG burners have always done very well on TY of all kinds, although it is not the best on TYG02. Likewise, it is one of the rare burners I have used where it is equally good with all the varieties of Verbatim 16X media, as long as you stick to 8X burn speed. On MCC 03RG20 it is even better than my Pioneer 111 and the latest versions of the LG drives continually improve, unlike NECs.

So, given that you have an LG, and assuming you stick to high quality media, you can get by without quality scanning.


Thanks all, you’ve been very helpful.


I have an LG too
I tried the transfer rate test on nero speed
These are GQ MCC004 btw i am trying to find out if they are actually that bad?
i have a 100 pack sitting here from a gift.

can anyone tell me if this is a bad scan?
btw i have an old PC 797mhz 512mb sdram running XP S2 does that make a difference?

[23:25:54] Starting transfer rate test
[23:35:10] Speed:3-8 X CAV (5.96 X average)
[23:35:10] Elapsed Time: 9:15
[23:35:10] Starting access times test
[23:35:23] Random Access: 132 ms
[23:35:39] 1/3 Access: 159 ms
[23:36:06] Full Access: 265 ms
[23:36:06] Elapsed Time: 0:56
[23:36:06] Starting CPU usage test
[23:36:21] CPU usage at 1X: 10 %
[23:36:37] CPU usage at 2X: 19 %
[23:36:52] CPU usage at 4X: 34 %
[23:37:09] CPU usage at 8X: 64 %
[23:37:09] Elapsed Time: 1:03
[23:37:09] Starting burst rate test
[23:37:11] Interface burst rate: 18 MB/sec (18443 KB/sec)
[23:37:11] Elapsed Time: 0:02
[23:37:11] Starting spin-up/down test
[23:37:16] Spin-up time: 2.57 seconds
[23:37:28] Spin-down time: 2.56 seconds
[23:37:28] Elapsed Time: 0:17
[23:37:28] Starting load/eject test
[23:37:32] Eject time: 4.21 seconds
[23:37:34] Load time: 1.52 seconds
[23:37:50] Recognition time: 16.62 seconds
[23:37:50] Elapsed Time: 0:22


Your Transfer Rate Test looks good.


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2133966]Your Transfer Rate Test looks good.[/QUOTE]
Actually it looks [B]very[/B] good. :slight_smile: