How to test overburn past 99:59.74?

i’m totally psyched these cd’s appear to do that much according to nero speed, and they do it at 32x :slight_smile:

when it gets to the end it says no error try larger value, but it wont let me enter a larger value than what i mentioned

any way to test it other than making iso’s slightly larger and larger?
if i burn a music disc can i just play it until it abrubtly ends and take that time as the max it will fit?

ok now that i’ve burnt a couple discs… not lookin so great

i did an audio disc with 103 minutes set to burn just to see where it’d go to, dont know exactly what the figure was but got to 1:12 in the 30th song… but anyway i’m not so interested in the max time it can fit anymore

i burnt a version of waterworld i have, 875mb divx exactly, 99:30 minutes

i did it at 4x, and when i go to nero cd speed to test errors, its loaded! i use taiyo yuden 80min discs so i am used to there being exactly 0 (0.000%) errors, this wont even complete the test

the beginning of the disc is loaded with errors, and then at 70mins or so it just spirals way outa whack for a few mins of the disc and the test aborts

any pointers?