How to test my newly made DVDs

Hello all,

I am new to the DVD creation business and I have a question.

I am using DVD Lab pro to create my projects, add menus, audio etc. Once I compile my project to create the Video_TS folder is there a way to test out my menus and links prior to burning it to a DVD. Almost like a practice run.

In this learning process I have been going through a ton of media because I make little mistakes here and there.

Sorry if this is posted somewhere but the search has not been kind to me tonight.


Once you’ve created your project in a form ready to burn, you can use ImgBurn (freeware) to compile it into a dvd .iso and then mount the .iso onto a virtual drive (e.g. Daemon Tools or Alcohol 52%; both freeware).

The mounted image will behave in the same fashion as if it were a burnt (or pressed) dvd inserted in a physical drive and you will then be able to test your menus etc with any dvd player software.

Thank you very much. I will give that a try.

Most Computer (software) DVD players are very forgiving. Stand Alone players often won’t play stuff a PC will. Have you tried burning to rewritable disks?