How to test external drive



Hi everyone,

just bought an external enclosure (1394+USB2) and equipped it with a BenQ 822A+. So far everything works fine, but I am a little nervous about the quality of the chipset used in the enclosure (either GeneSys or Oxford911 - trying to find it out right now).

What tests could/should I run with it? Transfer speed? If so, what tools should I use - probably an HDD instead of DVD to start with :slight_smile: Anything else? How about the quality of the data transfer?

TIA for any tips.


look in device manager under cd/dvd drives and see what it says about the 851. If its oxford, it should say ‘oxford semiconductor device’. if u wanna check the speed, attempt an 8x burn and see if it comes up about 8-9 minutes. If so, then u have nothing to worry about


It was a GeneSys enclosure and the shop I bought it from sent me the Oxford I ordered (excellent and very fast service btw - if anyone is looking for the most reliable hardware shop in germany PM me… :wink: ).

I got the Oxford to work together with the BenQ (which was pretty tough…) and it does burn 4x Verbatim DVD+Rs in about 12min which is okay for me.

I am still trying to find out something about the quality of the Firewire link - CloneDVD2 doesn’t show me buffer underruns so I might sacrifice a DVD+R an run some tests with Nero - any suggestion what I should attempt? I know that Nero can run PI/PO scans any other suggestions?


u have oxford firewire? u have ABSOLUTELY nothing to worry about. The firewire link is fine. I’ve never had, and I don’t know anyone who’s ever had a hiccough with firewire at 8x so far. Relax urself.


@booma: Yup, that is what I heard and that is why I went for the Oxford911 chipset - it was, however, a pain in the ass to get it to work together with the BenQ…

I am pretty sure that I am fine with 8x - I just want to play around a little bit, check transfer rates, see how good the BenQ works via USB2, interessting things (and the weather is pretty bad right now here anyway :wink: )