How to test discs at a dvr107d for PI/PO errors?

I got a pioneer dvr107d and a kiss dp-1000. My DVD movies won’t play correctly at the end of the movie. I use Princo DVD-R and have heard they’re bad at movies. I need a program like K probe to test the disc quality, but it only works with Liteon drives. So I was hoping some of you know another I could use.

I have just ordered 400 new Ritek DVD-R discs (GO4) as they were very popular around, and hoping it would fix my problem.

There is no program for use with Pioneer drives, they do not support error output reporting of PI/PO errors.

Just ditch the Princo media…

I hate the Princo discs.

I just need to reburn 200 discs

I had the same proble, of how to verify burns with the Pioneer 107D,so i bought a DVD player Lite on 166S and i run Kprobe with it.They say it’s not as accurate but better than nothing.

Not possible resolve this probleme because y have a same probleme :’(

With this DVD-ROM (lite-on 166s or 167T), you can also test with cd/dvd speed (transfer rate test).
It will give you a very good idea of your media much faster than PI/PIF tests.
That’s what I do.
Horrible PI/PIF tests are also detected by the transfer read test.

New DVDrom 122 fro Pioneer is supported by NeroCD Speed error report function!

Yes but Dvr107-D isn’t supported :’(

you can get liteon rom and writer drives very cheap! also look for sony, (rebadged liteons)! u can get a rom for £13 and a writer for £38 if you look…(kelkoo)