How to test burn with my Plextor PX-755A

Hey there.

A while ago I bought a Plextor PX-755A DVD-RW drive after I was sick and tired of my BenQ 1650 that toasted nothing but fu*kups.

All seems to be working nicely, but now I wanna know how I can test the actual burn with the PlexTools I got along with the drive.

I see people posting these graphs all over the place saying “hey this is a nice burn” or “damn…this one sucks” and then there all these graphs that go with it…and the more I see 'em…the more I go :confused:

Can someone explain to me which Plextor tests I could use to get a basic idea on how the disc’s come out. Which tests should I run, how should I interpret the results, and also are there things that need to be changed in the precefences of PlexTools Pro

Hi sorrowman2
For basic testing with Plextools you will want to perform a Sum 1 and a Sum 8 test (Sum 1 = PIF, Sum 8 = PIE) Just insert a burned disc the open up Plextools and in the yellow you will see a series of tests. Click on Q-Check PI/PO test, select Sum 1 or 8 in the drop down next to the start button then click start and you are testing. Other tests you can perform are Beta Jitter and read transfer rate tests. If you want to quickly tell if a disc is OK a read transfer test is the quickest way to let you know whether or not the read back is OK, big drops in the transfer line indicates the drive is having trouble reading the disc, a smooth read curve says no problems. Plextor scans PIF at ECC 1 and PIE at ECC 8. Max PIF/Sum 1 for ECC 1 is 4 (not totals) and disregard single spikes above 4 as they are usually of no concern. Max PIE/Sum 8 are 280 and are usually well below that unless you have a really bad disc. See here for more info on values. Have fun.:slight_smile:

Many THX indeed…I’ll get to it right away.