How to test before burning DVD

Hi All -
After I have processed all files through DVD2ONEX is there a way to test, before burning to a DVD with Toast?
Can I fool Apples DVD Drive into opening folder created with DVD2ONEX?
I hate to burn with Toast before knowing if successful or not.

Reason I am asking is when I was backing up Spy Kids 2 I received an error message stating one VOB folder could not be processed, and if I wanted to continue. The file not processed was only about 43 MB and not a real huge file. My thought is I probably won’t need it, but to be sure I’d like to see files processed played through my Apple computers DVD program before burning a disc.

Appreciate any ideas or answers!

By the way if this helps, file in question that wouldn’t processed was named.
video_TS.vob 43mb

Nevermind, I figured it out.
The Answer-
Once you open Mac’s DVD program go to file menu and it’s asks you what vob file(video) to open.
Choose the video folder that appears in folder you created with DVD2ONEX.
Push Play.

By the way, the file that errored out was not needed apparently.
DVD backup plays wonderfully.