How to test a PCIExpress slot?

I would really need some help with this, since my vga seemed to be faulty but the computer shop tested it and said “sorry but it’s okay”. So now I’m thinking that the brand new mobo’s pcie slot could be faulty but I don’t know how to test it.

I’m afraid to put another vga card in it cause if it IS faulty then I’ll have 2 slightly damaged cards or I could put back the old one and get it damaged for sure/or even better have the same problems as before but not finding the answer (which is damaged the mobo or the vga?)/.

Btw. the problems I had with my vga are the following (just in case someone knows it for sure what kind of error could it be):
1., When turning on or restarting the computer I don’t get any picture at all though everything goes on without problem (I’ve put in a pci vga nad replaced the cable so to see windows have fully started evethough I had no picture untill I didn’t put in another card).

2., While playing games (like TR Anniversary) the game play freezes for acouple of second WITH the sound then goes on. Same error apears during video playing (picture with sound freezes a bit then ok).

Such error does not apear with pci vga card (though this doesn’t prove anything other than that my newly installed windows is not faulty).

So doesn anyone have any idea (either to how to test the pcie slot or what kind of errors could these be /mobo or vga/)?

Any ideas highly appreciated!

How hot is the card and your system running? Sounds like possibly a heat issue.

I used to have a ATI card (9800) that would freeze like that, I was overclocking it but it was in fact overheating and instead of freezing the card would (at a loss for the term it’s been a long time since I had a ATI card) recover then run again.

Have you contacted the motherboard maker to tell them of your concern and check their web site to see if they have any information to help you diagnosis your board? Also try emailing the board manufacture to see what the customer service can help you to test or locate the problem of the board? Also have you check to see if the bios needs updating and that your video card firmware software is updated? But I first would check with the manufacture of the board to see what video card they recommend with their boards. Oh yeah forgot that heat can play into the card issues as well is the card fan working and is it getting proper ventilation in the case?

I’ve checked the manufacturer’s website but they didn’t write anything in conection with this (aka supported vga’s or similar problems). Guess I’ll write them an e-mail tomorrow since I get my card back tomorrow and I can not find the vga on their site (both the mobo and vga are Gigabyte, I guess that would make them compatible but I might be wrong) and I want to put that information in the email but without the box I don’t know certain numbers they ask for (they are on the box, or on the card).

My system heat is 35-39 C (it changes sometimes but never goes above 39 C) I rember once I’ve checked how much it/the vga/ was heating up though I do not remember the number. I know it was considered okay (it was around 40 C…I think. But I will check when it’s back). But I also have to tell that this card already bee to the manufacturer since it had a GPU error. They said they have repaired it. Back then it was also suggested that it could be overheating but that was not the case (at that time it was pixelating and freezing also telling me there’s no GPU at all).

Also I remember that before I took it back to the shop (this time not the previous time) evethough the fan was working it’s light /it has a fan that has blue light. It came with the card/ became softer, barely viewable after I bought this mobo. Though that could be unimportant still I clearly remember this

Also /what I just remembered/ I had half of the problems with the previous mobo (like the freezing was with the Asus P5LD2 mobo, then I bought this one and started to have restarting/starting errors. Also I think I used to have “washed away” letter at start up though that could be my LCD too.

Alright so I didn’t get my card back since I’ve went to the shop to get it and the guy in the shop came to show how he tested it.He said it showed no error but as soon as he tried to watch a movie the picture started to stop for 1/4 second /3-5 times within a minute/ (I don’t know if the stopped sound too 'cause he forgott to plug in the speakers :doh: ) so he said “okay well can test it for another week if you think this could be the error. Also we’ll get some games during this week we can try to test it with those.” So it’s still there. :a

Also Gigabyte asnwered and said they’ve never recieved such a complain (aka how to test the pciexp. slot 'cause sometimes I don’t get any picture at all and the shop told me the card is okay) so they’ve told me the same what was in the mobo’s booklet (clear CMOS process) and that if I still have problems then I should contact the local supplier and that they are sorry I have problems with their products. :frowning: Actually I’ve already done that and it didn’t solve anything. It only reset my setting and sometimes gave me picture sometimes not (like the previous day I took the card back for 1 hour I’ve been repeating that process and it didn’t bring back the picture, but a week earlier if I did it for 30 minutes then it came back then went awy next morning again).

i think maybe ure power supply might be a tad weak what psu u got ?

FSP Blue Storm II 500W

Now I’ve recieved my card I’ve put it in and no picture /not on DVI nor D-Sub/. My replacement card /lot weaker /Club 3D 9250 1287mb 64bit/ and PCI slot, not PCI-Ex/ works fine on both. Could not check vga temp though.

System is overlocked /with 9%/ but it’s overlocked at both cards furthermore at previous mobo too. VGA /Gigabyte x800 xl/ will defenetly not give picture if CPU overlocked even with 0.5% and varries if not overlocked /shop said it works fine/ worked with overlocked cpu with previous mobo/it was Asus P5LD2/ but certain errors apeared by then /a.k.a picture freezing in games and videos with sound, washed down letters at start up/. No picture error started with new mobo /mobo type in signature/. Newest bios installed on mobo, checked if everything is taken out /hdd, lan, dvd…etc./ only vga, cpu memory in /still overlocked/ no picture. Not overlocked once started once not. Replaced battery on mobo no change. Case cool and silent /silenter then before, temp still 35 C if case opened then 42 c since I’m removing 1 fan with that. CPU temp 44-45 C/.

Ideas anyone? :confused:

Does anyone know what I would have to see if say I’ve overlocked the card just a little bit /like it’s on 398 Mhz, and overlock it to 400 or 405 Mhz/?