How to tell which dvd dl media is the best

Hi there,

I'm new to this and enjoy this site.  I have been searching on the net to see what kind of dvd dl media is out there.  I have no idea what to look for.  Is ther a step by step to know what media to use. :doh:  If someone can help me that would be great.



Welcome to the forum. I use Sony, Nexxtech, HP, and GQ with very little problems. I always look for the sales for which will influence just about anything I buy. But most people will disagree with me but I can only recommend what I have used as always its JMO. :bigsmile:

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The best DL media is Verbatim, and that’s final lol.

Verbatim, made in Singapore. Philips are not bad & Memorex are iffy. Fuji, just down right suck. Take a look through the scan threads that apply to your drive or drives, there should be some DL scans in them.

[QUOTE=rakter;1964954]The best DL media is Verbatim, and that’s final lol.[/QUOTE]

Ditto here. Burned hundreds and never yet a coaster.