How to tell whether a TYG02 is real or fake?



I have an option to buy a pack of 50 Taiyo Yuden branded DVD-R 8x (TYG02) and as i was told they are plain silver. I heard there are a lot of fake tyg02 and i also had fake tyg02(Fortis branded -R 8x) so my question is how can i tell only from looking at the disc if its the real one or a fake?


Generally, fake TY is not an attempt to make forged duplicated TY but is just the use of the TY media code. As long as this is the case, the best way to identify real TY is through the serial at the hub which should start with CG for TYG02.


Slight correction. :wink:

The serial number near the DYE should start with GG. The serial number near the center hole should end with GG.

Also, Made in Japan is a pretty safe sign…


The easiest way I have found is simply to steer clear of no-name re-brands. I have yet to see fake TY being sold under the TY label. Also I believe there is a stuck/pinned thread somewhere around here listing all of the names of fake TY labels. If memory serves me correctly Fortis is one of them. How much of a price difference is there between the two?


To ensure genuine TY, I’d only order from reputable retailers which would not sell “fakes” for fear of getting a bad name.

If you want to risk it though and getting them at a decent price, the info above sounds sound :slight_smile:


Thanks, I never took the time to discriminate as to the location (bad eyes, bad lighting) as soon as I see CG, I’m there. Funny how the makers seem to be more willing to fake media rather than fake “country of origin”.


Thanx for the info and i also looked in the pinned thread i have no intention to buy fortis :wink: cuz i know they are fakes. The price difference is twice as much for the TY branded about 38$ for 50 pack of TY branded vs 19$ for Fortis. Its just that i havent thought that TY branded media is plain silver. Anyway i ordered it and if its gonna be fake i will just demand a refund.


cant just rely on dealers ask for a tester to annoy your seller and then check the codes and do a scan on it!
Just Like tha!!



One other thing I have noticed on every TY disc I have ever touched, not true with fakes as it would cost more, is that the outer and inner edges are rounded. Every other disc from anyone is cut and the edges are sharp, but not with TY. If you pick one up and feel it the difference is obvious.


Got those 50 disks and guess what they are a FAKE!!! A fake is being sold under Taiyo Yudens BRAND i am giving you a link tho its in hebrew but you can c that they state its a Taiyo Yuden TYG02.


How did you determine they aren’t true TY media?


Just burn data to them and check the burn quality you will soon find out.
Honestly you should buy from a reputable retailer who will give you a guarantee that they are genuine and a full refund if they do not live up to expectations.


For DVD identifier we are working on adding extra info which would allow people to check. INcase of TY use the serials


Very strange all this - if I was a TY rep, worried about the product getting a bad name, I would check-up on retailers and sue all those selling fake media. How hard can it be? There are only a handful of on-line retailers, maybe 10-20 best known ones in the UK, and similar around parts of the world - easily discovered by searching or forums.

Why do they leave it to the public to get burned and help out by warning others - why not act themselves?


The trouble is that the media is not fake it just has a borrowed mid code. This post by “lo-fan” sums it up in a nutshell


I e-mailed the dealer and told him it was a fake and he said that he himself didnt know that those were fake cuz the dealer he bought them from told him they were TY after a short conversation with him in which i told him about the TG/GG code he told me to send those crap media back and he will send me Yuden000T02 discs that he personally brought from Japan and those after checking that they do have the TG code in their S/N. So he is a decent dealer after all :). I just hope my standalone DVD can read +R media (bitset to DVD-ROM) Its a Toshiba SD-33VL and its stated to read -R/-RW and nothing about the +.


Well… In my opinion, a company advertising their product as having TYG02 code, is still within the line. Technically it isn’t a lie even though it is obviously tricky and immoral (Selling fake product is already immoral. :().

But they’re advertising a “Taiyo-Yuden” deal in this case. I think they crossed the line because the product is not made by the company “Taiyo Yuden”.