How to tell the quality of a burnt CDR?

How do you tell the quality of a burnt CDR/CDRW? Which program do you use?

I learned that there’re sometimes C1 or C2 errors on a burnt CDR/CDRW, how do I check if they do exist on the burnt CDRs?

I’m in the process of searching the best disc for my Liteon LTR-32123S so I want to have some benchmark on CDR quality.

Thanks a lot.

C1 errors are always present to some extent, and cannot be detected unless you have special equipment.

C2 errors shouldn’t be present in a newly-burned disc to any extent, and I would discard any discs that have them.

The simplest way to check is using Nero CD-Speed’s CD-quality check or use the same program’s Scandisc and watch out for “damaged” sectors. (those have C2.)

Another way for testing for burn quality is to use a good reader and perform CD-Speed’s Transfer Rate Test, and the reading speed should not suffer any sudden slowdowns, which represent reading difficulties to the reader.

You can also use CDR-Diagnostic, but I’ve got no experience with it.

I’ve read the reviews in another website which also included the number of C1 and C2 errors of the burnt CDRs.

Is there a software which will check the numbers of C1/C2 error?