How to tell the differance between various ritek printables

most downgrade Ritek stock is now coming into the Market as Ritek printable.

The basic rule of thumb to watch out for is if the packaging has no barcode or label its then a downgrade. The reason for this is barcodes have to be registered. If a consumer buys a downgrade ritek disc the seller can say it isnt our disc its from such and such a company. if there is a barocode on it its impossible for them to deny they produced or distributed the product :slight_smile:

if the disc has a ritek logo on the label / paperpart its likley to be an a grade.

if the disc has manuafctured by ritek taiwan on the paper part and is in ritek packaging it will be a grade.

Discs in cakeboxes are more likley to be a grade then b grade as distributers sell downgrade discs to maximise profits and they are hardly likley to spend 50 cents on a cakebox.

But the most important rule is buy from a reputable webstore as most downgrade product is sold on ebay and and flea markets, computer shows etc.

I hope this info is off some use.

Thanks for the input. I am through with Ritek forever but for those still willing to walk on the wild side this will certainly help.