How to tell PAL from NTSC



I haven’t been here for a while.
Hello again, everyone.

Is there a way to tell if DVDs that I have are PAL or NTSC?

They play fine, but they’re shared LEGAL concert boots and I need to know when I share them if they’re PAL or NTSC. Is there some way of knowing?

I can rip them to my hard drive if need be, but from there . . .

Any help appreciated . . . .


Use MediaInfo. It is free to download and use. Install the program.

To examine the files on the disk, put it in the drive, then right click on the drive in My Computer. This will give you a list of options…hit Explore.
Go to the Video_TS folder and right click on the VTS_01_1.vob file. You should now have an option called MediaInfo…click it and you will see a list of attributes for this vob file.

If it has 720 x 480 resolution and 29.97fps it is NTSC.
If it has 720 x 576 resolution and 25 fps it is PAL.


GSpot can also tell you, look for the same clues Kerry56 gave you.


I usually open them with Vobblanker.