How to tell if mobo/cpu is shot


So I found a compaq computer with a AMD 3200+ cpu in a Asus A7vbx-LA mobo. The computer was complete with the exception of hard disks and RAM. I have spare hard disks lying around but no DDR ram. I fired the thing up thinking I would be able to get into the BIOS without any ram, but maybe my thinking is wrong about this (never done it before).

Usually I think stuff is in the garbage for a reason, but a few months ago I found a Xbox my buildings trash and have been happily using it since.

I think the power supply is ok, b/c the cpu and case fans turn on fine as does the lights on the comp. However, when I fired the comp up with a monitor plugged in, I got no images on the screen. The computer just keeps beeping and beeping…

So do I just need a stick of RAM to get it working or is there something wrong with the mobo? Any opinions?

Thanks in advance

You’ll need a stick of ram to ever get into the bios. That’s why the board is beeping.

ok, thanks, I’ll have to grab one off ebay