How to tell if avi is PAL or NTSC?



Is there an info program that will tell you if a .avi file is in PAL format or NTSC?


I’m not very expert in this, but maybe an easy method can be this:

Try to open the avi with virtualDub. Then go to menu

File --> File Information

This open a little window with informations about the movie. If it says 25 fps then is PAL, if says 29 fps, then is NTSC.


If its AVI use:G Spot.
As geno888 said if frame rates are 23.9 or 29.9 its NTSC, if they are 25 or 30 its PAL.


great! Now, I used virtualdub to transcode a 23.976 NTSC .avi file to 29.970 NTSC for use on a standard DVD player, but the audio was out of sync towards the end and all the voices were squeaky. Any way to remedy this?