How to tell if a drive is on its way out? Any tools/tests?



Is there any way to check to see if a drive is on its way out at all?

Any kind of diagnostic tools or tests to run? My burner works fine but a batch of Verbs recently didn’t register and a few discs have behaved strangely in it, her than that it’s fine - and yes I have the most recent firmware.


To exclude a bad batch of media as cause of bad burnings the best way in my opinion is to burn these discs with many different drives. If all drives give bad burns, then the disc is the culprit.

Usually, however, when a drive starts to fail it produces bad burns, so scanning discs with cd-dvd speed is a enough reliable test to determine if a drive is failing. Again, it’s important to exclude a bad batch of media, so it’s indispensable to make comparisons with the same discs burned with different drives.


If you only ever have 1 drive, what can you test against though?


With only a single drive is very difficult to make reliable tests.

A scan requires a reliable drive (currently only liteon are the reliable drives easy to find in the market because Plextor and Benq are not more produced).

So, if you already don’t have one and if you can afford it, I suggest to buy a liteon drive, so you can do at least some scans.

Alternatively, you can ask to some friends with different drives to burn some discs, but again the possibility to run a quality test with cd-dvd speed is very important, so I again suggest to find a liteon drive to run tests :slight_smile: