How to tell a TRUE CD Freak!



One way you can tell a true CD Freak is if you go over to their house and have to use their bathroom and they have their TP in a media spindle instead of some fancy schmancy boutique TP holder.

… also known as “you know you’re a redneck if” … :rolleyes:

P.S. Guess where I was when I thought of this? :o


On your bed playing with a sock puppet?



Or - in your case - “Captain Winkey” -eh!


Doctor Morbius, you might find this older thread entertaining:

You know you’re a real CDfreak if you…


Good stuff.

And to the others … no I wasn’t making paper machete!


That’s what they all say :stuck_out_tongue:


simple simple simple If you have been a member of the cdfreaks forum for more than three years.


When you wake up and don’t kiss the wife,boot pc,and log on to CDF’s site :rolleyes:


I do not even pet the dog before I log on might less kiss the wife.


This actualy is NOT funny. It’s been a bone of contention in my household for some time. She has, however, finaly resolved herself to the fact that that’s just the way things are.



I always pet my dog 1st :bigsmile:

Same here :wink:


When doing my shopping list, it’s always important to put the most important items at the top of my list (media). :stuck_out_tongue:


i am having a group of teenagers over for the weekend…and i lock my media up and shut down my computer :wink:


Absolutely. Spoken like a true Media Freak :bigsmile:


Yes I spent a few hours on a computer for someone fixing what a teenager did in less that five minutes.

One of these days I am going to turn this around and get on a teenagers computer for five minutes and after my five minutes they will need more than a few hours to fix it.


Yeah i know the feeling. I finally put free Acronis True Image on the teens(wifes friends teen) laptop for future fixes.


You give yourself a generous media budget each month…and always exceed it. :o


… You recognise the fact that you have to actually set yourself spending limits on Media.

… your new years resolution doesn’t concern dieting, smoking, drinking, or motivation, but does concern media and computer parts.