How to tell a good burn vs bad burn?

Just got a new LiteOn iHAS324 B (FW - AL1A) and am new to checking for good vs bad burns. The first disc burned (DVD+R DL - MKM 003) I didn’t change any default settings so everything was disabled except for Solid Burn. I also do not have a pic of the first burn because I hadn’t started looking into all of this yet. The second burn (same media type & for which this image is from) I had SB/HT/OHT all enabled. Burn speed was 8x using ImgBurn and read speed in Opti Drive Control 1.50 was also set to 8x.

So with that said… is this a good or bad burn? And could someone please link me to a good guide for knowing how to interpret all of the information shown in the pic? Thank you VERY much in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think that is a good burn :slight_smile:

Can you also run the transfer test? Usually the most critical part of DL discs is the layer transition, so if transition between layers is smooth then the disc is perfect :slight_smile: