How to teel what firmware is loaded

Is there a way to tell what fimrware is loaded on a 3500? I flashed LD v2b4 on a drive that had a bad flash. I was just wondering if there is a way to verify that is the firmware. It seems the NEC Dump has the same info for Original NEC 2.18 and LD v2b4.

hmm… you could dump the firmware from the drive… and then compare your dumped firmware with other firmwares. =) NecDump doesn’t show the same info for 2.18 and LD v2b4… write speeds aren’t the same :wink:

I’ll give it a try. I only saw the initial infor that gave versions of write stratagies, and they look the same.

That’s because Dee and I don’t change this information in the firmware… we could however… =) There is another solution to your problem… flash the drive =)