How to take dat files and turn into dvd

HiHope someone can help I have downloaded two dat files which when I placed .mpg I could watch them on ulead movie player it turned it into 1 watchable movie. Now how do I turn these files into suitable files that can be burned onto dvd and watched on normal house video player. Have learned how to do Divx and how to extract vob files but this one is baffling me and can not find simple instructions anywhere. Please help many thanks

ok, first you need to go to controll panel>(apperance and thems)>folder options, click on the tab “view” then under “Hidden Files And Folders” UNcheck the box "Hide extentions for known file types. then click “apply” then “ok”. once done the files should now be called “thevideofile.dat” rename them both to “thevideofile.mpg” (“thevideofile” bieng the files original name). once done them turning them into dvds can be done using NeroVision Express 2/3(my personal favourite) or TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6.

hope this helps.

ben :slight_smile:

Hi many thanks for advice as I am using windows XP I have not got appearance and themes in control panel but I clicked on folders and clicked show hidden files did not work either renamed dat files as mpg I have used nero, isobuster, superdvd, x video converter and converted them into every file you can think of IE (bin, tao, nero show time files and loads more) can still watch movie on Nero showtime or Ulead player but not media player or real player. getting to my wits end there must be a way of coverting it into something I can burn onto DVD to be able to watch it. Any further help for a stupid female would be gratefully received. :bow: :confused:

ok, its not hidden files, its hide file extensions, make sure it is UNticked., then remove the .dat at the end and make it .mpg

ben :slight_smile: