How to take a cd burner from the inside out

I hope this is the right board to post under. I would like to know how to take an internal cd burner out? It is getting in the way of reformating my computer and I need to reformat really really bad. Any help would be appreciated. I know alot about computers just not about cd burners. My email is or post here. Thanks so much.

Take It Out/ No Big Deal,Just Unscrew The Screws And Pull It Out .When Youre Done Put It Back The Same Way.If Youre Reformating After you Reinstall os Windows Will Pick It Up…Again.


It is getting in the way of reformating my computer
I think you might need to explain this one a little better. Are you rebuilding your systems physical devices or reformating your OS/HDD?

I"m reformatting my compaq computer. But I haven’t done anything yet. I just need to take the cd burner out first. Wouldn’t I need to take the IDE cord out and the power plug? And do I put the power plug somewhere else or take that out also? I need to take the whole cd burner out anyway since I don’t use it anymore since I got a dvd burner. Do I pull a little on the IDE cord to take it out? I had a tech install it when I frst got it and I decided to get an external burner this time around so I wouldn’t have to go inside the computer.


If you do not plan to put the drive back in, then you should remove the IDE cable and the power cable from the back of it. That’s about it. Windows might say that it could not find it when you reboot but that’s no big deal if you are about to reformat anyway. The hard part might be getting to the screws that hold the darn thing in.

If the CD-RW is your only internal optical drive, I would suggest leaving it. If you ever need to run some antivirus or dianostic software, having only an external (optical) drive could pose problems. opinion Especially with USB devices cough cough end opinion

Also, make sure to, at the very least, unplug the PC’s power cord, and ground yourself before dealing with your computer’s guts, lest you fry your computer (static) or, god forbid, yourself.

Thanks yeah I know to unplug before I do anything like that. And the cd burner isn’t my main drive.

Open your case to expose the connections to your cd rewriter, disconnect the power cable then disconnect the IDE cable remembering which way it comes out, if you only want to take it out while you are formatting youhave no need to phisically remove the rewriter just reconnect after the formatting is finished and windows will find it again for you

why are you removing it as an example if you reinstall a system you will need the cd drive,again why do you want to remove it? Is it broken?(it really makes no sense)