How to: switch on / off solidburn

how can I switch on / off solidburn on a philips 1648?

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Try to check in CD-DVD Speed options

does it apply to all applications if i switch it on there?

Are you referring to burning applications? In this case the answer is yes, because these parameters are setted inside the burner, so every burning apps will use them

the only thing im not happy about solidburn is you can not switch it off if you want to overspeed.

why doesn’t nero have a solidburn switch? and how can i notice whether nero is using solidburn or not (especially during the burn process)?

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If you’re using CD/DVDSpeed then some versions has solidburn switching. If yours doesn’t. Double click link in my sig Enable SB, copy into Nero Tools folder & double click to enter into reg. SolidBurn will be disabled by default for known media. You could dl manual in my sig as well as QSuite 2.1 also in my sig. This will not only allow you to switch SB on/off, but will give you a table of learned memory. This should initially be 0. It goes upto a max of 6 at present.

Yeah BUT if you could turn off solidburn when overspeeding it will basically give you NO strategy to burn with as the builtin ones will be unsuitable. The reason you have to have solidburn on when overspeeding is so the drive can try and work out a strategy to use that will give you something that is not only suitable for putting drinks on.