How to surf net anonymously?



How to surf net anonymously ?

It’s very easy for web sites and others with the tech gear to trace details of those who log on.

You lose privacy + risk malware and others getting personal details,
banking passwords etc.

There are paid and free proxy servers but they may divulge your details.

Experts - please recommend free proxy / other software for anonymous, safe surfing.



My favorite:


Thanks whappo.

I tried Thor last year but found it greatly slowed surfing the net.

As you know from other threads my computer has some bugs which I may have got from emails but much more likely surfing net and a lot of freeware tags you for commercial use.

In checking tech sites I came across

It automatically scanned me and instantly printed full details including a location map. It proves how vulnerable I and perhaps most of us are
So easy to invade our privacy, security and insert malware.

I figure if I find an effective program to surf anonymously it is the first step in security chain.

I am very surprised there is little discussion on topic and such little response to my thread. Its an issue that affects us all.

Welcome other opinions or experiences.



Yes Tor is slow but the more people using it and hosting a server the faster it becomes. There are plenty of proxy sites around, haven’t tried them myself.

Oh, that website you mentioned,, they only missed me by 400 miles and a couple of area codes. I’m still smiling.


wear a mask at all times when setting in front of your computer.


Isn’t it as easy as using Safari and setting it for Private Browsing?

  1. Hi Whappo.

Tried TOR mid 2008. Slow. TOR claims it will get faster when more people use it and more people volunteer servers. If no other option I might try again, see if its improved.

You say auditmypc scan was way out in distance n post code but did it pick up your IP, Host Name/ net provider, line area code, search engine/ edition, computer o/s system etc ? with access to such details it would be easy for the goblins to infiltrate your computer.

  1. Hi Jrexx.

Lot of controversy about Safari in April-June 2008 once available to windows. Apple-Mac people appear to have less problems with software and malware. Perhaps cause its market share is less than MS.

*Are you using Windows. ?
*Ever tested to find how effective Safari is in maintaining your anonymity ?

It would be very interesting to hear from you.


I’de be a lot wiser if I could remember all I’ve forgotten.


Hey Parpi … sorry … I haven’t done any extensive testing with Safari - I just know when I put it in Private Browsing mode that I don’t see any logs/records of where I’ve been. Also … I am using Windows Vista.


Hi Jrexx,

They say Vista has improved security but lots of other problems.
Safari may be more compatible with it than with old XP.

You might like to look at
Does a scan and immediately provides results. Then you will know how effective Safar is . I would be interested in your opion.

Anybody using latest FoxyProxy ? Whats your experience with it ?


Re: Anonymous browsing with Safari.

Other articles / comments researched suggest Safari does not offer much extra privacy in mac surfing and less if used with windows.

See. .Jan 8.2009.

When I started thread on anonymous net surfing, I sought methods to use to prevent my id/ip/pc software details being traced.

It appears no CDF reader has any foolproof suggestion and based on debates at other tech sites there is nothing reliable except one or two expensive commercial proxy services.

After so many years of private computers and a never ending swag of software for anything imaginable, nothing is offered to give us what should be our basic right of privacy.

Welcome opinions / experiences.