How to succsfully make a copy of lucas-art games?



Any help is appreciated. I have been trying to make copy of several star war games for my boys, so that they can use and play them game on multiple computers. The disk 1 or game disk will not copy or clone. I used clonecd, gamejack4 so far, but the system still thinks its a copy/back up and not the original. Any suggestions on what to try ? or tools I can use ?

Thank you to all !!


Not all the Lucasarts games are the same. Stating the Games you are trying to backup and the writer you are using would be a step in the right direction:)


Hello, thanks for helping out.
I have a NEC ND-3500 and a LG RW/DVD GCC-4480B.
Star Wars Battle Front PC game. I can make copies of all the cd in set just fine and installs fine as well. But the CD-1 (gamecd) is the one I have the problem with. It keeps seeing it as a backup and not the original. I assume something .dll etc or secure string is missing from the copy I am making. So, I need to know how I can make it work. I have also attempted making a virtual drive and copy the image from the original cd-1 to the virtual drive, still does not work. So any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks


That game has Securom version 5+ on it. You’ll have to use either CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, or blindwrite with the twin peak method. You are in fact copying all of the data across (so no missing dll’s or the like), the problem is that Securom verifies the ‘texture’ of the disk that very few software packages and cdburners can duplicate.

There are guides in this forum:

The offline help guide in $CyBeRwIz$'s signature is great too. :wink: