How to stretch from 4:3 to 16:9

I have a problem with my LCD TV (LE32B530P7W).
When some DivX movie plays, on the pen drive of the dvd/DivX player,
I can’t see the clip in full screen.
The same thing happens when I see webcast tv on it.
The format of the clip is 4:3 and I would like to see the video in 16:9 (or 16:10 on the LCD monitor).
Could you help me?


Depends on what the video dimensions are of the source.

Options, Use the T.V.'s options and stretch it to fill the screen or covert the 4:3 dimension source to a 16:9 dimension.

624 X 352 is a typical used wide-screen dimension for backing up Avi,Xvid,Dvix… Etc.