How to store large amounts of recorded discs safely?

OK, the backups of my discs are starting to take up way too much shelf space.

I use slimline cases as it is but the shelves are just getting way too full.

I’ve been considering one of those cases that holds x amount of discs but I’m worried about the discs making contact with the sleeve surfaces - I believe that the bottoms of discs shouldn’t be touching anything?

Anyone got any suggestions? What does everyone else do?

The best alternative to jewel boxes (the anyway are the best way to store discs) are these things.

I never used these, but it seems the best option to me :slight_smile:

I use 4-way polyboxes, which I get from Maplin. Basically they’re soft rubber/plastic cases for 4 discs and with a DVD style plastic fim surround for a custom label.

I posted a bit about them a few months ago here:

I also consolidated a number of CD Data burns (similar content) onto DVDs which knocked off some further shelving needs.

Thanks, but polyboxes still take up a lot of space.

Basically, are wallets or slip cases safe for storage?

I’m thinking something like this:

Hey mate I got one of the storage cases - it’s similar but just has single inserts that hold 2 discs. Mine holds about 600 discs. They’re quite good IMO. Don’t ruff up the discs too bad and are very space efficient.

Shove a few under the bed and you have thousands of discs that don’t take up space!