How to store excess Blank media

I hope this is not off topic for this forum. Over the past two years I have taken advantage of almost every good sale on Taiyo Yuden media and Verbatims media. My problem is that I have amassed over 1000 blank discs and was wondering how to store them. Is a dark closet at room temp a good way or does it need to be stored in a cooler environment. I am assuming that blank discs will last as long as burned discs without problems writing on them later. I am sure alot of you member have the same situation as me. What should I put them in and what is the correct conditions to store them? Thankyou.

The consensus seems to be dark place out of direct sunlight that’s also cool. Any place that is cool, dark and has good air circulation without huge variances should be fine.

Thanks Quema: I am treating them like my Cuban cigars, with tender loving care.