How to store a dual format library?

Hello, I searched around again but could not find this specific question, or a better place to ask this. I am going to be re-ripping my entire music collection of thousands of CD’s to my NAS server. Since I did all of this years ago in the incorrect format I don’t want to have to re-do this again in the future. I am going to be ripping them in FLAC lossless format using dBpoweramp Ripper. I used EAC and poweramp both for a while and I absolutely LOVE the poweramp. Anyway, I was also most likely going to also be ripping the CD’s in MP3 320kbps format. I have the storage capacity and would like the compatability with players and being able to access my music faster over the web. Does that make sense to you?

If it does, here is my second question. How should I store them both as far as the file and folder format goes. I was thinking I cold keep them both in the same folder since they have different file extensions but I don’t know if that will cause problems or confusion with some sorts of media players or readers such as reading or importing duplicates of songs. Another option I though of would be to have to main Folders, one being a Complete Lossless Collection, the other being a Complete MP3 Collection. Here are my examples with a Beatles album.

Complete Collection > Beatles > Greatest Hits > (All Songs both .flac and .mp3 located here)


Complete Lossless Collection > Beatles > Greatest Hits > (All .flac Songs)
Complete MP3 Collection > Beatles > Greatest Hits > (All .mp3 Songs)

Neither one is more difficult to do while ripping since poweramp pretty much does it all for me but after I rip it all, it would be a pain to change it. I would appreciate any input or advice you experts may have. If you think I should copy this thread and post it somewhere else, please let me know of that too. Thanks.


I wouldn’t use flac for webplayers. Mp3 is more widely compatible.

You could use something like Sockso or SubSonic to stream the data.

Depending on the method on how players, servers and products gather their files i would either suggest using playlists or hide the flac directory from plain sight.