How to stop nero overwritting old files on multi-session recording?

I tried to use Nero to backup the raw images of my photos everytime before I do the editing (around 128M at a time). I attempt to use multi-session capability of nero 6 to record the image. However, I found everytime when it write a new session on the DVD, it will firstly overwrite each of my edited image onto my old image recorded on that DVD previously. That means all my raw images will be overwritten automatically. In some case, if I delete that image from my harddisk, such raw image will also be delete on my DVD!

Last time, when I use nero express 5.0, there is a seperate screen that can stop such re-compilation. Unfortunately, I am not able to find this screen in nero 6 anymore. Can anyone tell me how I can stop that in Nero
6? :confused:

Maybe my memory is going… I thought I had checked this and found that only the new files are written but the directory include all files.
Probably best to check with something like ISOBuster. I can’t check for certain myself until later.

Are you saving the “session file” after the 1st write, and then recalling it for subsequent sessions?

Well, I couldn’t get mine to fail. I was testing with RWs though, which might affect exactly how Nero behaves.

What options do you have selected in the ‘multisession’ tab in Nero?

No, I didn’t save anyting after every write. Do I need to? :confused:

I wouldn’t have thought it was needed too … i.e., the software should be able to determine all it needs by reading the media. However, I believe there is a reason for the session file … even the Roxio software seems to require it.


Do you mean that if I save that sessioin, next time when I try to write another session on to the same DVD, it will not refresh the existing files on previous sessions with the latest file on my harddisk?

You’ll have to try it yourself. I have more experience with the way Roxio used the session file, and I have only used the Nero method once.

Experiment with writing a specific directory, but writing subdirectories during different sessions. Hopefully, wasting a CD now will be worth knowledgebly writing multisessions later. After you have burned the 1st session, and before you close the software, you should be prompted you to save the session file. I usually save it with the same name as the media label. Now, insert the media again for a 2nd session, and recall the session file.

I remember not having too much difficulty with the Nero philosophy, but it was different than Roxio philosophy and what I am used to.

hth :slight_smile:

In Nero 6 ( you should have this screen on a new project.
In the attached scree shot you can see the options to control the overwriting of files of same names.
You might rename new versions of your pictures to avoid overwriting or uncheck the overwriting options.

(Not sure though if you were speaking about pictures when you mentionned “Raw Images” . Burning images in Nero is a different thing)

I am not able to find this screen. I take a more detailed look and found that I am actually using the Nero Express rather than Nero ROM as I thought. This program comes with the NEC burner. When I bought the burner, the sales said it comes with Nero OEM, and they said OEM is the same as the retail version, except no manual. Now, I understand the difference. It is now obvious that the statement is really misleading.
Now, do I need to buy the Nero Rom 6 before I can stop files from overwriting in previous session? :frowning:

I don’t have the OEM version so I’m not 100% sure… but are you sure you don’t have Nero Burning ROM as well? For example, on the opening screen of Nero Express, do you not have the ‘Nero’ button at the bottom left between ‘?’ and ‘More >>’? (Or just look in your Nero directory for nero.exe)

Yes, I can see the “Nero” button on the Nero Express screen. However, when I click on it, it just pop up a Nero advertisement screen, with a link connect to So, I believe the Nero Burning Rom is not included in the Nero OEM version. I think I have fallen into the trap laid by NEC and Nero, unless there is a way to stop it from re-compiling without using the option screen available in their full version. :sad:

Dear reader!

You can just use a duplicate serial no. to unlock Nero Burning ROM.
You will then find the options required by u.

To do this , change to the ‘serial numbers’ panel and add the following serial.

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This is the Serial with my Licensed version of Nero. AND it works!

This is amazing dude! This actually works! Can you believe that I opened a ticket with Nero and they actually “tried” to help with this issue pretending to be a bug?

I’m so pissed with Nero for wasting months and months of my time and so many DVDs discs!

Thanks guys!

Not to mention I also downloaded the trial version of Nero Express 7.0 and it didn’t have the session export feature either! It only exported for CDs only and not for DVDs. What are they trying to prove?

sdas_sbl please respect forum rules. You cant just go about giving away serial numbers like that.

It is against forum rules. Read them again thoroughly before posting.

His post belong to 7 months ago now you are giving him a warning?, where were you at that time?, plus he is not suggesting any illegality he is merely saying you have to modify you S/N entry to get the Nero working what is wrong with that?.

OEM versions work only with the burner they’re sold with, whereas retail versions support all recorders. Looks like a pretty big difference to me (other common diffs are: “Nero Express” is shipped instead of “Nero Burning Rom”, MPEG plugins (not)available for Nero Vision, etc.).
Besides, turning your OEM into a retail version is not gonna help with multisession.
Generally speaking, uning a retail SN for your OEM copy of Nero will not fix bugs :slight_smile:

Î¥ep you are right about the time of issuing the warning - unfortunately i did not see the time of the post as i was driven to this thread through a reported post notification that reaches all S.Mods. This thread slipped moderation at the time it shouldnt and i am sorry for that.

As for whether he has done anything wrong, please allow me to be the judge of that - he has given publicly a serial number for nero that anyone can use for enabling his trial version without having bought the software. This is against forum rules - and remember that we have people from Ahead helping out in the forums.

I am sorry too Hemispasm, I failed to read that your are the moderator in this forum therefore you are right and apologize for that.