How to Stop Blu-ray Menu Theme Song Looping

How can we edit the Blu-ray Menu so that the Menu Theme Song plays just once and not loop?

I know how to do this on standard DVDs but not on Blu-ray video files. I understand maybe BDedit can be used for this but how?

Which software is being used?

That is what I am asking [I]you.[/I]

I am guessing maybe BDedit can be used but can anyone post how it can be done using any software they know?

Internet search doesn’t give me any hits for Blu-ray.

My crystal ball isn’t here.


I would like to edit the Blu-ray Menu so that the Menu Theme Song plays just once and not loop. I would like to purchase software that can do that if free software cannot do it.

That was my question. Do you know which software can do that and if so how?

No idea, sorry.

You may ask in another forum too, eg. in the [B]Blu-Ray Authoring[/B] subforum.


Looping menus in Blu-ray can be problematic compared to DVD because of the longer response times for Blu-ray hardware.

One trick that the professionals use is to substantially extend the duration of the menu which means the audio plays, runs out and the menu continues without audio.

If you make it long enough so that users will have selected an option before the menu loops then you’ve effectively achieved what you’re after.

Any Blu-ray authoring tool should allow you to do this.

I haven’t played around with Blu-ray structures yet so I’m not sure if BD-edit can do this for you or not but now that you know what you’re trying to do this might help you figure it out.